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A major focus of RegionalCare’s leadership will be to fully support the development and training of employees and enhancing employee recruitment capabilities. With a long-standing history and reputation for putting “People First”, we recognize employees are the lifeblood or any hospital. Our human resource principles include:

  • Commitment to aligning HR strategy to the overall goals of the hospital to maximize people and performance.
  • Consistently strive to be an employer of choice to attract the best regional talent.
  • Emphasize retention, engagement and development of all staff.
  • RegionalCare promotes intra-hospital communications job opportunities among professional level staff.
  • Make use of all Press Ganey tools and other appropriate resources for staff development through RegionalCare’s People First Program.

Commitments to hospital employees:

  • Management/leadership development to ensure the organization is well positioned with strong leaders.
  • Recruit and retain talent, particularly those with scarce/critical skills. RegionalCare has extensive experience and networks for the recruitment of medical and healthcare professionals.
RegionalCare’s People First program enhances workplace vibrancy for our partner hospitals and has had a powerful impact on the outcomes --- how employees affect the hospital’s consumers: inpatient, outpatient and their families. It has had a profoundly positive effect on employee retention, greater patient satisfaction, increasing market share and improved quality indicators.
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